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"Our web site is as simple as our service."

Each year, millions of dollars are “wasted” on conveyancing fees because vendors of units retain their own lawyers or conveyancers to act for them on the sale of their units.

That creates enormous duplication of work and time – and cost!

WHAT DO WE DO?   -   that's simple - we just do the legal work for selling units - AND WE DO IT CHEAPLY AND PROFESSIONALLY

STRATA LEGAL has been established to avoid that duplication. Its objective is to standardise all documentation relating to the sale of units.

The standardisation of documents will lead to reduction of work and time – and cost to the unit owners.

STRATA LEGAL is a specialist division of Goldsmiths Lawyers, established 1984. Goldsmiths Lawyers have extensive experience in property and strata matters.

STRATA LEGAL currently charges a low fee of only $600 for acting in connection with a sale of a strata unit (see terms and conditions)